"Unlike other genres, pop's numerous limitations (everything from the simple verse-chorus-verse song structure to its love of melodies to its goal of pleasing as many listeners as possible) means that pop music creators must refine their music to achieve greater musical goals. And really great and progressive pop music, when it succeeds, sounds more compelling than nearly anything else. Boycut traffics in this same realm while pushing its music a little bit further. It's compelling stuff." - Chicago Tribune

"...[Alien is} a brazen pop record, an indisputably catchy exhibition of technical prowess and savvy taste in melody" - Smile Politely Magazine 

"We didn’t know what was next. Boycut turned out of the way at the last minute, avoiding the never-ending pileup of wannabe projects that lay in a cloud of smoke which reeks of worn out Grimes and Purity Ring records, and uses the electronic template as a promising pivot point that highlights songwriting first and production second." - Ghost Track 

"The sound engineering on Meland’s part is remarkable and Otnes’s vocals blend with the music in a way that seems effortless, yet still edgy." - Buzz Magazine

Alien EP featured on Smile Politely's Top 10 of 2015 list:

"Boycut's Alien is no full-length, though what Emily Otnes (Tara Terra) and Joe Meland (Feral States) have put together here out of the gate is sugary sweet in just the right amount of ways. It's tough to say that this is the best project that either of these two prolific young musicians have put together, but one could most certainly argue that it is. The synth-pop delivery is just as vibrant as the starry night that graces the album art, while simultaneously delving into a darkness and depth that covers most of it entirely. Who knows if this project will ever become a number one priority for either of the two that fill duo — but it certainly grabs attention."

Also featured on Buzz Magazine's Best Local Releases of 2015 list:

"Boycut is the type of local music that doesn’t necessarily sound “local”. The indie-pop duo – made up of Feral States’ Joe Meland and Tara Terra’s Emily Otnes – made their debut this year with Alien. The EP has five tracks, and all of them work – and work well.  The lyrics are often catchy and clever, and the EP’s production is impressively professional. “Wave” demonstrates this perfectly as Otnes’s vocals pleasantly rise sky-high, destined to get stuck in the back of your brain. Meanwhile, Meland’s electronic and groovy beats float in the background as they easily mesh with the vocals, creating an overall unique and re-playable track, and EP as a whole."